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Jul 30, 2022
In Questions & Answers
The result is that someone drops out and leaves. See the example of Easyjet again. I see a busy menu at the top here (just hover over Hotels). You will see several tabs, two text fields on the photo, an icon of a photo camera and all kinds of details about various destinations at the bottom of the page. 6. Buttons That Don't Look Like Buttons What if the button is too small, doesn't look like a button, or is in the wrong place? Use an inviting shape to get a website visitor to click. And above all, let the button be a button. This means a clear border, appropriate background color, an easy-to-read font of the text on the button and a (color) change on the hover action with the mouse. 7. Mainly working for search engines Of course it is important to be on the first page in Google. Especially when it comes to sales. But if SEO optimization comes at the Fax Number List expense of the usability of your (landing) pages, the user will not be happy. Crooked sentences or sentence forms, written only to rank in Google, are not pleasant to read. And that remains the most important for people. 8. Blind copying of competitors Copying is easy and fast. However, your potential customer will drop out if he/she sees that it is all very similar to the competitor. In addition, you want your own image by communicating your mission and vision. Losing sight of what the client wants The starting point is to solve the problem of the (end) user, whatever the client wants. No matter how beautiful or how cool the design is, it is most important to empathize with the user and adjust the design accordingly. 10. Disregarding User Input Do you know your (end) user?
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