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Shopon hossin
Jul 17, 2022
In Questions & Answers
The object is then revealed to be a copy Country Email List of the "cap-trading emissions trading" bill, a proposal that was being considered to combat climate change. It would seem to be part of the campaign of some Republican politician, but the Country Email List protagonist of the ad is Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia. Donald Trump won the Manchin state in 2020 with 68% of the vote (Joe Biden got less than 30%). Manchin himself was re-elected Country Email List in 2018, a rare achievement at a time when few people vote for one party's candidates for certain offices and another party's candidates for others. Biden's legislative agenda is currently on Country Email List hold and hinges in part on the approval of the proud climate killer. The structural problem is quite simple: legislation must pass both houses of Congress in order to be sent to the president for Country Email List signature. In the Senate, which has 100 members, the Democratic caucus has 50 seats. The tie is broken by the vote of the vice president, who otherwise does not have the right to vote. If no Republicans vote for a Country Email List given bill, Democrats need every vote of their own to pass it, giving each senator full veto power. Manchin, who has been the most right-wing Country Email List Democratic senator for some time, is comfortable in this role. When his vote is needed, he can easily argue that no other Democrat can win office in the state of West Virginia and insist that Country Email List nothing he disapproves of should be included in the bill. But the situation in Bernie Sanders' home state is essentially the opposite of the state Manchin represents: In Vermont, Biden got 66% of the Country Email List vote and Trump about 30%. What can the representatives of these two very different states agree on?
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Shopon hossin

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