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salma akter
Jul 28, 2022
In Questions & Answers
If you want to add the [Live Streaming] function to the Haodou App, you must know who will use this function, why they will use it, and in what scenarios will they use it. These problems must be analyzed one by one. According to the needs of specific target user groups, and then sort out the product requirements. Demand is the demand under the scene, the scene is the user's scene, and user analysis without the scene is meaningless. So to solve the problem, it is necessary to understand the user and the context. First of all, we need to confirm who the target users of Haodou's function are, and then use [User-Scenario-Problem-Existing Solutions] to expand user needs and obtain the 5 most reliable user needs, and business email list finally convert them into products need. 1. Target users According to Baidu Index, the main users of Haodou are located in first- and second-tier cities in coastal areas, as well as in central cities. Young and middle-aged people in the age range of 20-49 years old. Among them, 30-39-year-old users are the absolute main force, and the ratio of male and female users is not much different. Balanced, with male users accounting for 56% and female users accounting for 44%. City distribution of Haodou users Age distribution of Haodou users Haodou App is an exchange and learning platform for sharing food recipes. Its main users are 20-49 years old, and there is little difference between male and female gender ratios. The main users in the 30-39-year-old stage are already in the Advanced in the workplace, or have a certain status. Combined with the product positioning of Haodou App, one of the future development plans is the localized e-commerce business model (from Chuangyebang: " Creating a Community-Based Recipe Sharing Platform" ), and it has strong interaction with [Live Broadcasting] , the characteristics of easy emotional resonance and the current bonus period, the potential target users of [Live] can be set as:
Haodou  Demand Analysis Report
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